Govenda By Boardbookit Advantages

Govenda is software designed to optimize the work of the management bodies of large companies. Thanks to this software, each of the members of the board become more involved in the work of the enterprise.

Platform Features

The Govenda product is not quite the usual software for the work of managers of a large company. This program has its advantages and features:

  1. A practical and simple tool that you don’t need to be a programmer to understand. Many management support programs are very difficult to master. But the same cannot be said about Govenda. Each of the board members will be able to deal with the application, regardless of knowledge and skills in the field of computer technology. Therefore, users have a chance to focus on their work, and not waste time and nerves studying Govenda.
  2. Supports endless growth with your company. If your business is growing, you don’t need to buy any more advanced plans from Govenda. You can simply add an unlimited number of users, boards, and additional options within the scope of using the application.
  3. Constant updates that do not interfere with work. Surely you have encountered such a problem as a temporary incapacity of the application associated with the download of major updates. The Govenda developers abandoned this model, deciding that it is better to release minor updates every few weeks that will not interfere with the use of the software.
  4. Integration on all possible devices. You can use Govenda from absolutely any device – it can be a computer, smartphone, tablet. The software interface will be similar on all devices. All functions work on any of the devices, in every minute of your work you can switch from one device to another.
  5. Safety during work. Govenda developers have worked to ensure that users can safely exchange information, data, and any messages or video chats cannot be hacked, copied, or transferred to third parties. Using Govenda, you don’t have to worry about the safety of all your data.
  6. Flexible security settings. You can delete sessions if necessary, activate or deactivate the ability to discuss some materials, clear discussions, and delete comments, and updates that occur in real-time.
  7. Amazing support. You can contact Govenda representatives through all possible and now known channels – phone, e-mail, or directly in the application. The support service works around the clock and not only answers questions but also prepares people to work with the software, explains the basic principles of their product. The developers also regularly release videos on how to use Govenda for maximum efficiency.

What features does Govenda offer?

Govenda software will allow you to host events in a virtual environment such as:

  1. Meetings are easy to schedule, easy to conduct and each participant will receive a reminder of the upcoming meeting shortly before the start.
  2. If necessary, you can easily bring up a question for discussion, as well as moderate the discussion process.
  3. Voting is carried out easily and quickly, and most importantly, transparently – the author of the vote himself indicates the conditions under which it should take place.
  4. If you have multiple projects, you can participate in multiple discussion boards at once without leaving your Govenda.
  5. It is easy to make presentations during meetings.
  6. The system can prepare reports, generate minutes of meetings.

And most importantly – you always have access to your files from any device, at any time, anywhere in the world.