VDR software guide

How to work with the VDR software guide

Digitalization is one of the most progressive ways in which the business environment can be proofed, and leaders can motivate their teams for active workflow. Nevertheless, this stage is time-consuming and demands diverse skills and experience. What we propose for you is to save time and resources by following the information that we have prepped […]

data storage

Data room services for reliable and secure online communication and data storage

While you might know about customary VDRs, there are numerous new choices to look over. While they might, in any case, introduce a large number of similar elements, cutting-edge suppliers concentrate more on unambiguous business needs and cutthroat evaluation without lessening security. Benefits of data room services As an organization, for what reason do you […]

Investors Dream: Access to Comprehensive Data Room Software

Virtual data room software secures and simplifies digital communication and data exchange with partners, customers, and colleagues at the highest level. Therefore, it is a necessary tool for every investor. Here is more about its functionality.  Why do investors choose data room solutions? Starting and running a business together with a reliable partner is the […]

Benefits of remote board meetings

Due to the tense epidemiological situation, holding meetings in electronic form is very relevant and even necessary for prompt decision-making of a different nature. At the online meeting, using the information system, all issues related to the competence of the general meeting of owners can be resolved. Benefits of remote board meetings The following advantages […]

Govenda By Boardbookit Advantages

Govenda is software designed to optimize the work of the management bodies of large companies. Thanks to this software, each of the members of the board become more involved in the work of the enterprise. Platform Features The Govenda product is not quite the usual software for the work of managers of a large company. […]

What is a chairman of the board?

In the management hierarchy of some legal entities, there is a collective body for the operational management of their activities – the board. Nevertheless, it is headed by the sole head – the chairman of the board. Duties of the chairman of the company The following tasks are included in the range of duties of […]